About us

"Sticky Line" company carries out the whole complex of printing services in the segment of printing on self-adhesive materials. Ready products are offered both in A4 sheets and in rolls. We produce self-adhesive labels in various formats, tickets and stickers for cultural events, as well as a variety of labels and tags.
The company has modern professional equipment, which allows guaranteeing consistently high quality of products and fulfilling orders for large volumes. Our products’re corresponding all European standards and satisfying the stringent requirements of market competition. Our priorities are quality control and compliance with deadlines.
The establishment of the "Sticky Line" company began in March 2005, when we started to produce self-adhesive labels of standard sizes on A4 sheets. Three months later, contracts were signed for the supply of raw materials with the main European producers of self-adhesive materials. By the end of the year, the range of sheet labels expanded to 200 sizes. In the following years, production was actively growing, both geographically and technically. A new high-speed 6-color printing machine was purchased with the ability to print UV and IR paints In 2008.